Name Shinden Elementary School
Principal Noriko Ake
Location 2-19-1 Kamishinden Toyonaka-City, Osaka 560-0085 Japan
Tel +81-6-6871-3278,  +81-6-6871-3204


Number of classes

32  (as of April 2020)

(1st :4 classes, 2nd : 5 classes, 3rd : 4 classes,
   4th : 4 classes, 5th : 4 classes, 6th : 4 classes,
   Special classroom : 7 classes)

Number of pupils

815 (as of April 2020)

(1st : 134, 2nd : 149, 3rd : 125,
   4th : 138, 5th : 146, 6th : 123)

Founded in 1873, Shinden Elementary School is one of the oldest schools in Toyonaka City which has more than 140 years history. Old Katsuoji Kaido Road east of the school has a historic atmosphere with old private houses and storehouses lining the narrow and sloping alley. In the neighborhood, the Former Shinden Elementary School Building also stands, preserved as the oldest existing wooden school building in Osaka Prefecture, constructed in 1900. On the other hand, more and more modern apartments are built these days and this area has become a mixture of the old and the new. The local community is very supportive of the school. We hold many events in cooperation with the parents and local residents. Our educational goal is to foster “children who proactively learn the power for living.” We especially emphasize education based on the three fundamental elements of “academic abilities, humanity enrichment, and health and physical strength” and work to promote the students’ productive learning, rich spirit, and healthy body. We also aim to cultivate their communication skills. We make efforts to shape the students as human beings with an enriched humanity.

Access to our school

 12 minutes from Senri-chuo station of Kita Osaka Kyuko Line
   12 minutes from Senri-chuo station of Osaka Monorail
 5 minutes from Kami-shinden stop of Hankyu Bus

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