Message from the Principal:


This school was built as the thirty first elementary school of Toyonaka in April 1974. At that time, the number of children was 292 and there were 10 school classes. As estates were developed, this school was also developed and there were finally over 1,000 children. Now there are 803 children and 33 school classes in April 2022.

In this school district, Shimakuma mountain, which is 115.7m and preserved as the undeveloped woodland near a village is located. The content of Shimakuma mountain is written in Manyoshu which is an ancient anthology of Japanese poems. This mountain is famous for the historical place. This school is rich in nature because there are many trees such as mulberry trees and cherry blossoms.

Our educational mission is “Cultivating children who enrich their mind, live energetically and smartly to adapt in an international society”.  “Children who can be considerate”, “Children who are cheerful” and ”Children who can think well” are the goals. The entire faculty cooperates together to realize an education for the children based on this philosophy.


I sincerely thank you for your understanding and supports.